Thursday, April 5, 2018

Moore Creek

Perfect painting weather!  Today's little slice of heaven will surely be appreciated tomorrow as temps drop and snow returns.  Invited for a little plein air on an artist friend's property, I jumped at the chance!  Plein air with friends is so fun - especially when the weather is perfect and there's a creek involved!  We painted to the music of the babbling creek, running along side us.  I sun was behind my shoulder, and even though my body shaded my panel, I may have gotten a little too dark. It's so easy to do, the way my eyes react to all that light is to compensate with my values.  I did turn my painting to the side ever so often, to check that very thing.  I'll take a look in the daylight tomorrow, then see if I need to tweek it a little.  Painting number 1905 in 1905 days.