Sunday, April 8, 2018

Milk Barn in Cocoa

Thanks to my son, Michael, I am trying out a new pen tonight - the Pilot Metropolitan!  It has a bladder filling mechanism where I submerge the nib in the ink bottle, squeeze the bladder, and the suction loads the ink.  Pretty cool.  I had to load it a second time for this drawing, but I may not have squeezed as much air out with my first attempt.  The nib is much finer than my norm, so I must use a light touch on the handmade cotton paper.  I'm using Levenger Cocoa ink for the first time, too.  The rich brown washes towards red with a little water.  I first thought to use their Smokey ink, but it did not move with water at all, so I passed on that one.  I like to get rich darks and mid-tones with a wet brush when using ink alone, so my ink must move!  The best part of it not holding much ink - I can switch colors often with this pen!  Painting number 1907 in 1907 days.

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  1. Tammie - very lovely sketch. I really think the color of ink adds so much to the drawing. Hope you are having a super week.