Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Centennial Farm Inked

Centennial Farm is a bustling place in season, but very quiet on this early spring day.  The afternoon light hitting the barns is very appealing,  but I've only got time for a sketch before the Welcome Social at Augusta Winery.  The first pen I choose is almost out of ink, skipping a bit as I draw.  I grab another - ALWAYS have a backup or two!  The first water brushpen I grab is gummed up with sizing from last weekend's sketching, so I grab another.  I brought a couple of the Marvy brushpens, and I like the medium one.  I had to apply a lot of pressure to the fine one to get any water out, but the medium flowed easily - if not a little to fast. But this is easy to fix with a little less pressure. I've already picked out two MUST PAINT landscapes, and I've only just begun!  Painting number 1913 in 1913 days.

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