Sunday, February 25, 2018

Unfurling Impressions

My red roses are unfurling beautifully, their many petals beginning to separate.  Although the warm countryside and a gorgeous sunset fought for my attention, these roses hooked me.  I first begin by loosely brushing in a bowl, the shape of each rose, facing as they face.  To this, I add stems, loose shaped leaves, and fill in the negative space.  I do all of this first layer quickly, and with a light touch.  Next, I pull out various palette knives and begin the first marks, starting at the back of shapes and overlapping the front petals.  The idea is to shape each petal, leaf and mass with the strokes.  I continue to look at my roses to determine where to place my marks.  I do this loosely, as I'm for the mood of the roses more than photographic likeness.  If I want a photo, I'll simply take one, after all.  Once my areas are filled in, I check for color harmony.  I think this one is finished - an hour well spent!  Painting number 1864 in 1864 days.

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