Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE painting children?  From graphite and ink to acrylic and oils, the possibilities are endless!  I forgot to post this commission when I painted it (in the thick of plein air season) so I'm doing it now.  Here, I have started with a white, slightly textured surface and painted her with acrylics.  This is the ONLY time I start with a white surface on my panels.  Only portraits in acrylic.  I prefer it due to the translucent nature of acrylics.  Even the heavy bodied do not seem as opaque as my oils when applied in the same way.  So, I start by pretty much saving my whites, and brushing in my darks.  The loose brush work only adds to the drama and impressionistic feel of the piece.  Another important part - I never thin down my acrylics.  Not with mediums and not with water.  I use a rather dry brush technique, only washing brushes when done.  I keep them in a damp paper towel between uses.  I know it sounds kind of crazy, but after many years of using acrylics, I get the best results this way.  Painting number 1845 in 1845 days. 

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  1. Great and expressive portrait !
    Thank you Tammie for explaining your technic!
    Your style is very lively!