Monday, February 12, 2018

Tucked Behind the Hill

Oh!  I am having fun exploring the winter landscape in oils!  The dark clouds dissipating from shades of plum, are striking against the sunkissed ochre in the tall grass.  Yellow ochre, raw under and burnt umber are my friends in that grass today, with bits of sky color reflecting throughout for good measure.  The barn is not the star here, just part of the hillside mass, a little eye candy for those who take a closer look.  This is the quiet part of winter, full of changing light and temperatures, with foliage still in their winter slumber.  There is SO much peace to be had in a quiet pasture!  Now, if I could only get those Herefords to walk into my scene!  They are playing "aloof" with me, and I've not caught them yet!  Painting number 1849 in 1849 days.

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