Thursday, January 4, 2018

Old City Hall ATC

The Old City Hall in Belton is now a museum, with many historic items on display.  I recently walked in during the fall festival to see a large black and white photo of my grandma Frank's (Clarice) barn hanging in the front hall!  I was so surprised!  Barn wood was donated to the historical society by her, as well as various other items. Today is the first time I have actually painted it, and I'm doing it from a block north to capture more of the scene.  This paper is 100% rag, and one of my favorites to work with.  I need to reload my India ink pens - I now have three bordering on empty, and I keep reaching for them!  Painting number 1811 in 1811 days.


  1. Wow I wish I could spend a day with you to watch you create.

  2. And then what is your favorite paint and brand medium, and brush; brand and size for these paintings Also what pin size on the India Ink pens. Love Your Work Tammie!