Thursday, January 18, 2018

January Milk Barn

It was such a gorgeous day for painting - and above freezing all afternoon!  This is bittersweet, though.  As soon as the sun touched that western roof, I could practically see the snow shrinking and dripping off!  Fast painting was in order, so I used only a couple brushes, a knife and limited paints.  I begin by laying in all the darks, then moved to the brightest snowy areas, trying to mark them well before they completely melted away.  The shadows in the snow were very ultramarine today, while the sunlight pushed a little yellow ochre.  I was a little bolder and looser with my color today - perhaps due to standing in the sunlight?  I never even thought of grabbing my hat since I wasn't looking into the sun.  The white of the snow plays tricks with my eyes - I keep forgetting to grab my sunglasses!  Painting number 1825 in 1825 days.


  1. I love the close-up view and wide fast brush strokes

  2. What a gorgeous painting of the milk barn, Tammie!