Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hackberry Sunset

Hours before sunset, I have an eye to the sky.  Will the color be beautiful?  Clouds or no?  Some January days are too overcast for color, but not today.  The skies cleared this afternoon, and I anticipated a chance to paint the sunset!   I took my oils out of the freezer literally on my way out the door, and this time, they were still a little frozen!  I took one brush and my easel, and hot footed it to the pasture.  I found myself trying to thaw my paint with a little friction of my brush - but turned to the other paints when this did not work!  My transparent oils were fine, but those sedimentary ones did not thaw in the 10 minutes it took to paint this!   Perhaps next time, I'll remove my paints 10 minutes early!  Painting number 1829 in 1829 days.

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