Saturday, October 28, 2017

Brookside Boulevard

Leaving early this morning, I took care of errands before heading to Brookside for the 2 hour quick paint.  Arriving on scene, I find a painting in every direction!  I've never painted here, though it is only 35 minutes from my home!  The place is steeped in history, with fabulous vintage store fronts everywhere!  I fully intended on painting in oil, but I just couldn't lay down the ink pens!  Truly, architecture like this is made for my fountain pen, and I didn't stop until I'd rendered three!  Painting number 1753 in 1753 days.  What a fun day sponsored by the Savory Spice Shop  - thanks to Rebecca!  Can't wait to try my new fancy bourbon pepper!
now showing at Savory Spice Shop
ink on handmade paper, 8x10
purchase here

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  1. Love the area too! Our child rearing home was 2 blocks from there!