Monday, October 16, 2017

Steeple Square Inked

This church is one of the most beautiful buildings I have had the pleasure to draw!  The architecture is so complex and stunning - I can only hope to do it justice!  Composing with my painting in mind, I started this one on the sidewalk by White St.  As I worked, it was all lines and angles, and the relationships of all those masses.  These street scenes have really been appealing to me lately. As I moved forward in paint, I moved a little to the left, making the street less prominent.  So happy to capture this place in ink, I think it is only the first time of many!  Painting number 1741 in 1741 days.  I had a sprinkling of days where I couldn't get my post to load while out off town.  I'm going to have to play catch up to get things back in order!  And would you believe I'm almost out of panels again???

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