Saturday, October 21, 2017

October Lilacs

In town for the closing reception for Brush Creek Art Walk, I took the opportunity to stop by the Loose Park Rose Garden.  After finishing a large commission on site, a stroll through the gardens led me to this discovery - October lilacs!!  Well, you KNOW I had to paint them!!  These wonderful old fashioned lilacs are like the ones on my own lawn, bursting with fragrance!  Pulling  my 5x7 guerrilla painter thumb box out of the trunk, I quickly jumped in with paint.  Like an old friend I haven't seen for a while, it was a pleasure to be painting with this little box again!  I fought the wind finishing my 24x30 today, but this little jewel was effortless in the gusts.  My little Altoid palette hadn't been touched for months, but was fresh from the freezer.  If I'd had any idea there might be lilacs, I would have loaded some dioxazine purple!  I mixed what I needed and pushed towards the pink, just because I felt like it.  There are no rules in art!!  Painting number 1746 in 1746 days.
oil on panel, 7x5
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