Thursday, August 17, 2017

SW Market Street Inked

Some days my schedule is so full, there is hardly time to eat!  This has been such a day beginning with the gym, followed directly by a jury committee meeting that I chair, to this little window of sketch time before getting ready to judge the Raytown Invitational tonight.  My sketch kit in the car, it is the first time I've used this abbreviated set!  I found a handmade bag on Washington Island that just holds my 5x7 clipboard, 4x6 papers, one water brush pen and my favorite fountain pen!  Small and with a strap, I can carry it hands free, and it is there when the mood strikes me!  This vintage house on Market Street is charming with it's picket fence surrounding a zinnia bed!  So cute, I had to sketch it!  Painting number 1674 in 1674 days, now I'd better get ready for judging!!
ink on paper, 6x4
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  1. At first glance I thought you had sandwiched it between a polkadot acrylic frame! You are one busy woman. It just goes to show there's always time to sketch.