Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Late Light at the Creek

Today was not at all as I planned, and I did not find my painting window until late in the day.  I'm running out of panels and with boards primed but not cut, I find myself painting over one of my first plein air paintings.  It was an early one done my first year at Augusta Shores, and really not worthy of seeing the light of day!  With an acrylic underpainting (all my plein air work was acrylic back then) I simply painted over as I would a new panel - paint sketch, mass block in, then finish work.  It was only moderately distracting to have the very dark, strong tree lines below my emerging painting.  But, soon all was covered and I think I've got it to a finished stage.  I'll check again in tomorrow's daylight as today's is all gone!  Painting number 1686 in 1686 days.
oil on panel, 20x16
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