Wednesday, August 16, 2017

House on Walnut Inked

I had a large installation this afternoon for the Now Showing program of Arts KC.  I had so much help deciding where to place the 40 paintings on three different floors  - it was a breeze!  The space at the Bank of Blue Valley is really wonderful, showing the art to best advantage.  I took most of my large paintings, holding a few for an upcoming exhibition at the Albrecht Kemper Museum.  I met Mike to visit his mom in the hospital, followed by dinner out with Michael.  Finally arriving home, I am posting one of the many drawings that slip through the cracks of my daily posting.  I really like the composition and flow of this sketch in one of my favorite places - Augusta!  I often finish more than one piece a day, so there is no telling the number I'm really on for the daily count!  As I progress, I weed those old paintings out...sometimes even painting over them.  If I wouldn't show it now, I don't keep it.  So, there's another number hard to figure many actually still exist of my daily paintings...! Painting number 1673 in 1673......or what could it really be?  Am I a hundred ahead?  More?  😉


  1. Oh yes! Augusta holds many happy memories for me too!

  2. My Grandpa and Grandma's old house!

  3. grandpa and grandma's house, there is a young family there now making new and their own memories.