Saturday, December 5, 2015

Watercolor Bluebird

Watercolor Bluebird
Watercolor on paper, 9x12
This is the first in the series of bluebird paintings I did for my youngest daughter.  While waiting for the youngest son to return home, so we could all go out to lunch together - I was able to paint three before leaving the house!  It felt a little unnatural to get back into the watercolors after so much time in the oils!  I picked the 100% cotton rag paper for this first painting - totally forgetting how much a dislike painting on it!  It has a lovely texture that is pretty in the finished piece, but the paints seem to sit on top of it forever before settling in - and the colors mingle very slowly and with hesitance.  I had to leave it completely flat while working, or so much of the paint would have run completely off the paper!  In hindsight, maybe that is the best advantage of this paper.......I will have to try it for the very purpose of creating very drippy paintings! Michaela wanted all three paintings, so I framed them all up for her to take to her college suite.  I wonder how many of her friends are hanging original work in their rooms?  Painting number 1068 in 1068 days :)

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