Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nutcracker Duo

Nutcracker Dou
Acrylic on masonite, 5x5

Oh, what a day!  I went down to the barn in search of the old woodwork after the gym today.  Climbing up onto old furniture to reach into the rafters, the cats jumped up to offer their help!  Gently moving Wesson to the side, I pulled them down one by one.  Wishing I had the truck at home, I carried as much as I could hold and trekked back to the house. I have spent the entire day scraping, sanding, cleaning and painting as much as I could complete, and I’ll start again after the gym tomorrow.....that is, if I can make it back to the gym after today’s grueling work.  That gorgeous old woodwork is totally worth it - they just don’t make woodwork now as they did in 1845.  The carpenter even signed the back of it - Jas. D Hope of Belton, Missouri.  How cool is that?  And now, I come to my easel late again, and as I pulled these nutcrackers down from the attic, I decided they would be my painting du jour.  My youngest son has always loved nutcrackers, and these are his to keep in his room.   Painting number 1071 in 1071 days.  :)

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