Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tree Climbing at Sunset

Tree Climbing at Sunset
Oil on masonite, 12x9

Another in as series of happy memories at Lake Minnie Belle, this young man in climbing trees as the sun sets over the lake.  I have switched back to oils for this painting, desiring the rich creaminess of the paint for texture and weight.  I really only intended to lay down the colors for a color study - just to make sure this painting would match the other two.  Well, one stroke led to another, and before I knew it I had painted this landscape completely!  It was after dark when I finished, so I left it on the easel to look again with fresh eyes in the daylight.  With a little more work, this baby is finished - and already on it’s way to California it’s mates!  This has been a day well spent - and now I must head out to my first Christmas party of the season!  Painting number 1065 in 1065 days.  :)

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