Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pirate Nutcrackers!

Pirate Nutcrackers
Acrylic on masonite, 4x6

Thanks to an old school friend - I have some fabulous new nutcrackers to paint!!  Her son Leo collects them - and he has some really great ones!  The pirates jumped right out at me with their peg legs and hook hands!  My son’s school team is the “Pirates” - so I naturally must paint their mascot!  These pirates are sharp dressers, and their clothing was super fun to paint - and the one holding the treasure chest actually has blacked out teeth!  And those wonderful eye patches - they are just so creative!  How fun is that?  I am still working with the limited palette - and small to accommodate my *tiny* painting window.  Painting is my reward after exhaustingly busy days - and I’m already making my mental to do list for tomorrow!  Painting number 1076 in 1076 days.

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