Sunday, August 13, 2023

Peach Zinnia

 Tonight I'm painting one of the zinnias I have grown from seed in my hydroponic Gardyn! I LOVE having beautiful blooms growing among my herbs, greens and tomatoes!  Mint is growing behind the long stems of this beautiful peach colored zinnia, and peaks out on the side.  I started my hydronic growing adventure last November, and only planted this seed in early summer.  I'm constantly trying new things, especially new lettuce varieties, and now I'm beginning to sprinkle in blooms.  I'm currently trying to start strawflowers, and just today brought in a lovely marigold seed head from one of my garden plants outdoors.  I save seed, but this plant does not look like any I've grown before. I love the wild and twisty petals, and the unusual color.  Since I waited past dark to paint - this was the perfect subject for today, and right after I finished painting - the power went out for a while!  So happy my timing was on point tonight!  A nocturne by candlelight really would have been something! Painting number 3868 in 3868 days. 

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