Thursday, August 10, 2023

Bee and Rose of Sharon


After working with my daughter for a couple of hours on my website, I had a lovely stack of handmade paper waiting for me when I arrived home!  It is a heavy weight, rough textured, deckle edged handmade paper by artisan Bhoori at Leather Village!  It is so nice of them to send me paper to try that I switched my plans for painting small, and instead tried out this new 10x7 paper. It accepts ink very well, and I found several layers of watercolor were required to get the intensity I wanted.  I can't help but think this paper would be extra nice for ink alone, and I must try that on the next piece.  I love the weight of heavy papers like this one - I can hardly wait to use it again!  Painting number 3866 in 3866 days. 

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