Monday, August 7, 2023

Impressions of Rose of Sharon

I love capturing last light in the Rose of Sharon, before the petals close for the night, but I wish I'd left myself more time to do so!  When painting a flower that closes it's petals, it is important to get that paint down with plenty of time to do the finish work.  I was rather absorbed in the edges and nuances of color as the golden light hit, and suddenly I could see other blooms closing that were already in shadow!  So, I finished in a rush, and I can still see things I would continue with.  I think I need another bold bloom on the mid-bottom right, and to cross the upper plane a third in from the left with foliage.  Perhaps that bee I dashed in is a wee too large?  They move so quickly that I didn't get a good shot at him before he left.  I was playing with my palette knife and tinted whites on those petals (when I lost track of time), and found it very fun indeed!  I think I'll revisit this tomorrow to finish these few things, if I find the time!  Painting number 3864 in 3864 days. 

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