Thursday, August 17, 2023

Hidden Creek


I love painting these beautiful Missouri creeks - in every season!  I am drawn to the water, again and again. The every changing color and reflections hold a magic in them, relative to the weather conditions and the sun.  Often, the hues and values change right before my eyes, and I can only rest in the colors I have already marked, because one can not chase the light!  In my earlier days I have done just that, and ended up with a painting that did not make sense. With so much experience in the plein air field, I can nearly always tell if a painting was done en plein air or not, it rings of truth in the color and value.  If that is worked on later in the studio, that fresh truth is somehow denigrated, feeling less fresh, overworked.  Every painting is a lesson, and I like to let it speak to me. Painting number 3872 in 3972 days. 

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