Saturday, August 26, 2023

Sunflowers in the Garden


My first time to visit this place, several locations grabbed me immediately!  When I saw the garden in the back, I knew this would be my painting. I love getting to paint amazing farms like this!  I used my artistic license to move the glorious zinnias on the back side to the front of the sunflowers, layering those blooms as they were on the back. Though the sunflowers were past their prime, the magic of my brush revived them to the vision I see through my eyes.  I could feel the rain returning behind me, so I quickly packed my gear and got this framed at my car as the first big drops were falling. I had trouble getting up the muddy hill to this farm, and I certainly wanted to get through it before more rain washed away the gravel! I'm so happy this painting has a new home tonight, with patrons who first purchased a painting from me last year! Painting number 3881 in 3881 days.  ♥️🎨🌻

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