Wednesday, August 23, 2023



I LOVE this large coreopsis variety, and bought these beauties to plant after the weather cools off this weekend.  Resting in water to survive the heat, I simply HAD to paint them! This quick and loose sketch took under 30 minutes, and I recorded the process on my first time lapse video!  It was a little awkward to have the phone suctioned onto a wooden painting surface, and I tried not to move or get in the way of the camera. Next time I'll just put the phone on a holder over my shoulder so I can work as I normally do, and not worry about all the extra scenery around.  It is pretty fun to see the finished product - just a little slice of my Artist Journey!  You can see it in Instagram or Facebook on my reels.  Painting number 3878 in 3878 days. 

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  1. Wonderful painting and such a pretty subject. So glad you shared it with us. Have a great day.