Sunday, August 6, 2023



I had extra help in the garden for this one, and I just HAD to post this photo of him!  It is VERY characteristic of him - no matter where I am!  He wants to be between me and whatever I'm attending to, wherever I am!  After cleaning the carpet and rugs this morning (where he had to spend time outside or in his kennel until they were dry), he was not about to be separated from any of us again today.  He even tried to squeeze between my oldest daughters legs and the table leg in the kitchen - just to be under the table by us all!  But he couldn't fit, and had to back right out of the tiny hole, lol! He's so funny, and very needy.  And I don't think he appreciates the clean rugs either. Painting number 3863 in 3863 days. 

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