Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunrise at Water's Edge

Sunrise at Water's Edge
Oil on panel, 12x9
Kangaroo Lake, WI - sold
This charming cabin at Sunset Shores was just across the road from the Red Shed in Bailey's Harbor.  Two other times I had walked across to check the lighting, and neither the afternoon or early evening had sun on the face of this cabin.  On the third try, I went over at sunrise - knowing I would probably have enough time to paint it before the girls were ready to leave.  Sunrise lighting was perfect - golden and fresh on the cabin, kayak and across the grass.  It was cold, and I had left my boots in Teddy's car, so I had to wear my fuzzy purple chenille socks with my black beaded sandals - the only shoes I had at the shed!  I am SO glad nobody snapped a photo of that little fashion faux-pas!  Working very quickly to get all the warm color and sunlight in, I next blocked in the darks.  Marking all the color masses was next, all important as I had limited time and could not be sure the next day's lighting would be the same.  Although early, the winds were kicking up on the lake behind.  Sometimes, this lake reflects like glass, but not this day.  There was a beautiful blue in the water, tinted with turquoise.  It is so amazing how the water appears in so many different shades. One morning, it was a warm emerald green in the foreground, and dark blue at the horizon.  I never get tired of painting near the water.  This painting makes 597 in as many days.

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