Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Red Shed Daisies

Red Shed Daisies
Watercolor on paper, 10.5x7
On the first morning of our Door County plein air trip, I woke up early - just after 4:00am.  Excited to be there, I jumped up and got ready before anyone else was up.  There were 8 of us rooming together in a loft sharing one bathroom, so staggering our schedules was essential!  Our place set back in a heavily wooded area with these wonderful wildflowers right off the patio.  I had to capture them.  It was so much more humid here - that I had to wait for the drawing gum to dry, and then I had to wait on the watercolors to dry.  It took me far longer than normal to finish this, due to the weather!  Once finished, I felt like I could relax.  With the first painting of the day under my belt, I would now be relaxed while scouting a new location with the girls.  I guess it was like warming up for the day!  The watercolors allow me to quickly knock out a painting, when I only have a small painting window.  I don't really know why they are so fast for me, perhaps because I have no preconceived notions of how I want my painting to look?  I just let the colors unfold in their own tale of whimsy on the page.  Maybe, I should get a watercolor journal......this painting makes 581 in 581 days.

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