Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pink Phlox

Pink Phlox
Watercolor on paper, 5x7
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I am trying a new paper today.  Digging into my hidden trove of watercolor papers, this one is a Daler oatmeal tinted Bickingford 140lb paper.  I know, quite a mouth full!  The tint is subtle, yet lends a warm shade to all areas left unpainted.  I wish the paper were thicker, but that is my personal preference for the 300lb showing.  I like the texture, you can plainly see the tooth in the photo.  I have used four different violets in this, cobalt violet - which was rather opaque,  perm. violet, perm. violet bluish, and perm. violet reddish - which is an absolute favorite!  For highlighting colors, I went to an unknown pink shade - unknown because I didn't write it down, but it is lovely and clear.  I am longing for a variety in the greens, so I must soon see what I can find in my box of watercolor paints.  I don't really care for olive green, have used sap green quite a bit, and yellow green is nice, but I think there must be something wonderful out there that I just haven't tried yet.  The garden phlox is still going strong - even with this August heat!  Today is the birthday of two of my amazing children, one is 15 and the other 18.  We will soon be going out for their "Birthday Dinners"!  Yum!  Painting number 604 in 604 days :)

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  1. Your flowers are stunning, Tammie! So beautiful! I wish I could paint flowers in that way:)