Monday, August 11, 2014

Charlie Cat

Charlie Cat - in progress
Charlie Cat
Oil on panel, 6x6
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Our Charlie is very regal and majestic in all of his movements.  With his long hair and wonderful coloring, he knows he is superior!  He has a very affectionate nature, second only to Wesson in his friendliness.  This is the second time I have painted him - and again in oils.  With that thick, long hair - I need a paint with body, that will hold the brushstrokes well.  I first sketched him out with a pastel stick, and painted his eye completely!  I so often do this with portraits, feeling as if I must catch the soul in the eye before I can continue to the rest!  As you can see by the "in progress" photo, I started with an orange underpainting - for no other reason except this is what I had, and this was the size I wanted to paint!  Laying down those oils with heavy strokes, I worked in the fur - pulling the whiskers last.  Adding some of the background color in small strokes on his coat, I marry the background to the foreground.  With a final highlight on the eye - je suis fini!  My regal cat is the 588th painting in as many days :)

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