Saturday, August 16, 2014

Moonlight Sailing

Moonlight Sailing
Oil on panel, 8x10
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Michael had a double header this afternoon, and after dining out, I have come to my easel late on this day.  Keeping with my 4 day theme of nocturnes, I had sketched this composition out before leaving the house this morning.  The work starts more quickly with the planning already done.  I had read an article about turning daylight reference work into night, just by changing the light - so here, I am trying just that.  Since I have finished this at night, the glare off the oils is pretty bad, and thus the color is off, too.  I will try to take a better photo tomorrow with natural light.  The sky and water both are much more prussian blue, and the alizarin is hardly visible in this image!  I tried a new violet on this one - another unburied treasure from my endless paint supplies - thiondigo violet.  It seems to be very much like alizarin, but different.  With so much blue-violet in the water and sky, I scattered it's compliment of yellow-orange around the painting in tiny strokes.  I think I may need to emphasize the mast a bit more, but I am letting this one rest until tomorrow.  This painting makes 593 in as many days.

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