Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Chair Among Flowers

A Chair Among Flowers
Watercolor on 100% rag paper, 6x4.5
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I am trying something new today - painting a street scene in watercolor!  And, I am trying a new paper - 100% rag by Whatman.  Well, let me just say that the paper accepted the paint wonderfully, and I loved the texture.  Then, it came time to rub off the Pebeo, and yikes - the paper absorbed the pale blue shade of the resist!  So, where I wanted white paper showing, I now had pale blue!  Also, the rubber cement remover did not work well, so I used the rubber-like wine cork to pull off this resist - and a little color at the same time!  The cork is a subtle eraser, removing paint without damaging the paper - but I had to go back in and darken areas which had been fine until I removed the Pebeo.  It is pretty unnatural for me to paint a street scene in watercolor!  I have only used oils for this, and the method is SO different!  I think I like the results, and the french flavor of this painting - I'll just have to let it rest and see how I like it tomorrow!  I will not be using this paper for applying resists again - but it may still be a good watercolor paper.  Painting number 600 in 600 days!  Hooray!

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