Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sculpted Prairie Wildflowers

Sculpted Prairie Wildflowers
Acrylic, molding paste on panel
Konza Prairie Wildflowers
Summer at the Konza Prairie finds so many different flowers in bloom!  There are more than 60 prairie grasses and a whole page list with four columns - full of flowers and plants which grow on this prairie!  With this painting, I first sketch out my composition with pastel sticks.  Next, I capture the petals and foliage with my palette knife and light molding paste.  It is important to first have a sketch here, so I can be sure and put the paste where I want it!  No willy nilly application when it comes to molding paste!  After this dries, which is fairly quickly, I go in with my first layer of paint.  Using Golden Open acrylics, I thin down with water and regular gel medium - building up the color and value.  Stepping back periodically, to make sure I get a good feel for where the painting is headed, I make adjustments to the diffused background flowers.  I have tried a stiff, semi gloss medium between layers, but will top this off with the regular gloss for the top coat.  Applying a clear medium between layers adds another dimension to the paint.  I hope to enter this painting for a fundraising auction to benefit the Flint Hills.  It is important to do all we can to preserve the beauty of this Kansas prairie for generations to come.  This painting makes 586 in 586 days.

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  1. I love the texture in this. It really makes it come alive ...