Saturday, January 13, 2024

Stream in Winter

We briefly had a warm blue sky before the clouds filled in again. With oil I sketched my scene, filling in the masses quickly.  Painting fast is very important when the temperature is dangerously low.  I wear self heating socks, gloves, Canadian running pants, smart wool base layers, a warm scarf that wraps around my face, warm boots, and a long coat that is warm to -7 degrees.  I also stand on a very thick yoga mat that insulates my feet from the snow and ice. I carry hand and toe warmers, but I haven't needed them with all my layers.  When my fingertips start to get cold, I know it's time to wrap up my painting and give it that final push to finish.  Sometimes I leave the outer edge thinly covered, so I can make a mad dash for warmth at the end!  Painting number 4023 in 4023 days. 

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