Monday, January 8, 2024

Snow on the Hay Bales

What should have been rain turned early to snow - much to my delight!  As I took care of daily chores, I kept an eye out for snow accumulation, checking the light and chroma for optimum painting time. Waiting as long as I thought I could to get the job done before dark - I almost waited too long!  I will need to add a better photo tomorrow in daylight, because the colors are not true in this pic.  It has been SO appropriate that the weather is mirroring my soul.  I've been blue since we moved our youngest to his own place in Saturday, and the skies have been crying since.  He's so excited to take this step, and of course we are beyond proud of him, but this Mama's heart just wants it's babies near, no matter how old they are.  Almost blizzard conditions expected tomorrow, and then an Arctic Blast, so I hope to paint dark, snowy scenes all week to match the very heart of me.  Painting number 4018 in 4018 days. 

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