Saturday, September 2, 2023

Sunflower Solo


Oh boy! The sunflowers are blooming like crazy now!  I look forward to painting these beauties all year long, and not storms or heat has kept them from their glory.  What began as a chance wild sunflower in this bed several years ago, has become a whole sunflower section at the front of a raised vegetable garden!  I thinned them out early, transplanting some of the volunteer seedlings to other beds. Two of these were blown sideways, and one has bloomed from the ground, as 8 or 9 stand tall and loaded.  They are wild and wonderful, and it is so fun to watch the birds pluck seeds from the heads as pollinators of all kinds flock to them!  With oil, I'm painting this sunflower now, after a fun day of working on the gardens.  I hope to paint these multiple times before they fade for another year!  Painting number 3887 in 3887 days. 

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