Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Geraniums in Great-Grandma's Teapot


Geraniums are one of my favorite summer flowers to paint - and these are in my Great Grandmother's teapot!  I seem to edit a scene for a painting, without even realizing that I've done it.  I often don't see the things that weaken a composition until another points it out to me.  In this painting, I didn't realize I was overlooking the stonecrop that spilled from the teapot - until I looked at this photo!  It would only detract from the painting to add it in, so I didn't see it!  It's funny how skills progress into an auto-pilot process until pushing towards the finish.  That's when things kick into high gear for me, and I want to fully describe my feelings in a place - with paint.  All I strive for is to improve a little each and every day.  Painting number 3890 in 3890 days. 

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