Sunday, January 15, 2023

Young Bucks

It is super fun to sketch young deer at play, with three fountain pens loaded with different inks, adding water for flow within the masses!  I have an assortment of fountain pens that I loaded with some of the amazing Diamine inks from the 2021 Inkvent Calendar, and I took three with me - a blue, brown and yellow.  With these three inks, I sketched and added water to move the ink while I worked.  The deer had bolted before hardly any of their color was on,  but I always paint the animals first in a scene - as they often drift right out of sight! The sketch and color is loose - just like the quick moment I caught them at play! Painting number 3664 in 3664 days and day 16 of the current #stradaeasel challenge.

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