Friday, January 6, 2023

Three Deer


It was so fun to catch our local deer family playing in the yard, I had to sketch fast before they ran away!  Lucky for me, Beau was inside, where he couldn't run them off!  They did get spooked, so I let Beau out to join me as I finished this miniature.  He took off for the hedgerow barking, and pretty soon the baby cows came running up from next door!  I put him back and circled the house to make sure those little ones really did head back to their mommas. Within minutes, a pack of coyotes was yiping from the north!  I'm so happy Beau wasn't out, he would have run in their direction!  LOTS of wildlife excitement this evening!  Day 7 of the #stradaeasel challenge, and painting number 3655 in 3655 days. 

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