Sunday, January 1, 2023

Olive Swirl Cedar

When I first opened the little door and saw this ink, I must admit I had reservations.  Olive ink?  Well, this is no ordinary green!  It shifts from a cool, almost cad green to warm olive with shimmering gold.  Then, little sparkles in that cool green emerge as the ink dries - truly inspired!  I am painting my rural Missouri landscape with chic, glamorous inks - and I'm loving the exploration of it all!  I must find a fountain pen for this one, because I am adding it to my arsenal!  What lovely color play it will create in my ink work!  Day 18 in Diamine's Inkvent Calendar 2022, and painting number 3650 in 3650 days.  Ten years of daily painting today!  I did have to correct my number - I got off track somewhere along the way, haha! 

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