Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Ponderosa Pines

The landscape surrounding our cabin in the woods is full of ponderosa pines - which are gorgeous!  So as my husband and mom went out for breakfast, I set up to take advantage of the view.  Sketching them first with paint to get their forms, I then quickly added the light and shadow before it all changed.  That rich golden color only lasts for a little while.  It is such a treat to REALLY study the colors and forms with paint, trying to do justice to the beauty around me. I LOVED exploring the rich colors of these ponderosa pines in the early morning light, and I'm SO happy this painting sold to someone I met at Antioch Park in Merriam, KS a couple of weeks ago - who happened to be here at the YMCA of the Rockies today! It is truly a small world!  Day 3 of my Artist Residency and day 13 of the #stradaeasel challenge! Painting number 4333 in 4333 days.

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