Sunday, September 25, 2022

Glacier Creek Afternoon

This place had been calling me for days! I found this location on my very first trip into the Rocky Mountain National Park, but decided to paint from a different boulder at Glacier Creek's edge.  After a full morning, I only had an hour to knock this one out before an Artist Pop-up at the Maude Jellison Library, where I painted aspens en plein air and field questions about my process.  Painting as fast as I could, I took some short cuts - like painting in masses with central colors and pulling the water colors across with my brush in the manner in which they flowed. My process is very intuitive, picking up paint with the brush and dropping it where I see it, without thinking about the components of the painting.  I become one with the spot, and I let it flow out through my brush.  Painting here is restorative,  like a balm to my soul. I love the very awe of this landscape, the Rockies are truly special, and the YMCA of the Rockies in particular.  The experience truly is about the mind, body and spirit here. Painting number 4345 in 4345 days. 

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