Friday, September 16, 2022

Colorado Sunrise

Sunrise is magnificent in Estes Park!!  Day 6 of my Artist Residency and I'm exploring why Colorado is the COLORFUL state!!  After a late night waiting for our youngest son to arrive in town, I planned to sleep in a little.  The early dawn light woke me, and the outrageous red orange in the clouds had me popping out of bed and grabbing my paints!  Sunrise waits on no one, so I threw on clothes, a heavy jacket and my winter coat, turning on the teapot for my return.  I started first with the color notes, wanting to mark them accurately, then the darks and highlights.  One must work fast with big brushes and deliberate brushwork, to match the movement of the clouds.  What a glorious morning, even at 37 degrees!   Day 16 of the #stradaeasel painting challenge, and painting number 4336 in 4336 days. 

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