Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sainte Genevieve Catholic Church

Sainte Genevieve is one of my favorite places in Missouri to paint!  For years, my artist friends have suggested it to me - after learning of my love for old buildings, and I've enjoyed getting to know this town.  My first trip here was during Covid, purely by accident, it lined up with other gallery deliveries I had to make in 4 states.  I picked the coolest Bed and Breakfast in town, and I've stayed there 3 or 4 times already.  The Main Street Inn is fabulous in all ways, as is the whole town.  Here, I am finishing a larger painting of a small one I did on site, with a companion painting of only the steeple. I am exploring a new handmade paper here, a little thinner, with perhaps a thicker sizing?  Each paper is unique, and I unlock it's secrets as I work.  Every painting is a lesson, after all.  This will hang at the boutique gallery of Music Art Love in Sainte Genevieve beginning next Thursday!  Painting number 4261 in 4261 days. 

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