Friday, June 17, 2022

Creek at Meramec Adventure Ranch

Several snakes (that looked like copperheads) circled in the water beneath the low bridge I was standing on, as I set up to paint!  I do see snakes from time to time, but they normally slither off as I make noise. These were aggravated that I was in their territory, but the scene was so delicious I could not walk away.  So, with one eye looking out for them, I began painting in this beautiful place, visiting with an artist friend as we worked.  It was a lovely morning to paint, and the snakes settled down as we quieted our motion.  Some stunning blue birds flitted in and out of the trees, but I couldn't quite identify them.  They were not bluebirds, blue jays or indigo buntings, it's amazing that I see different birds on this side of the state!  SO happy the snakes didn't join us on that bridge! Painting number 4249 in 4249 days, and this one may be showing at Gallery Zeke in Steelville, I just can't remember for sure, lol!

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