Thursday, June 23, 2022

Iconic Barns of Augusta

I just dropped off the largest ink and watercolor paintings I've ever done at Gallery Augusta!  I LOVE painting the local iconic barns, and these have been long time favorites of mine.  Ordering large pieces of this handmade paper, the whole process from sketch to finish took so much longer than I thought it would. Unwieldy at 36x24, I had a little trouble maneuvering the paper.  And at the onset, I knew my favorite travel paints were far too small for the thick, juicy brushes.  So, after years of neglect, I again turned to a few of my old favorite Daniel Smith watercolors, my old large palette, and an easel that could shift easily from upright to flat, depending on the need.  The project seemed laborious in process, but I was elated at the finish.  These historic buildings are so worth the extra effort, and am I actually looking forward to starting another large project?  Maybe!  This one now showing at Gallery Augusta, and is painting number 4255 in 4255 days. 

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