Saturday, January 8, 2022

Milk Barn Morning

I love a misty, drizzly day for painting in oils.  The colors are saturated and rich, and my paints are still thick from the freezer.  The air is crisp but so much warmer than yesterday's 12 degrees, that I don't feel the cold. It is still and quiet out here, a perfect time to paint.  I am revisiting earlier work, finding new ways to reveal this place, bringing the painting up to my current standards.  I learn with each painting, always striving for excellence, and I'm always my own toughest critic.  As I let the brush do it's work, the painting unfolds.  Immersed in the landscape, this time restores me, and I leave this place refreshed.  Painting number 3293 in 3293 days, day 7 #stradaeasel challenge, and #win_winter2022. 

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