Friday, January 14, 2022

Home on the Hill

I love a moody day for painting in the pasture, the colors are so rich and saturated.  This January day has been very warm in the 50's, though we're expecting snow to start at midnight.  I'm excited for a lovely blanket of white to start the weekend.  With no scheduled activities tomorrow, I hope to settle in to the winter wonderland and create some magic!  This day has it's own magic - our newest little grandson was born to Tyler and Hannah.  Words cannot express how deeply I want to share this important day together with them and our family, but we are caught in the web of continual hospital lockdown.  So we celebrate from afar, another life-changing event we can't share together.  These moments once lost, cannot be retrieved.  Painting number 3299 in 3299 days, and day 13 #stradaeasel challenge 

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