Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Home Inked

I love drawing outdoors in the golden hour - the whole place shines with golden light!  Often when I'm working in the late day, the colors around me turn magical, causing me to want to ditch my efforts and grab a new panel - because my scene is suddenly a different, magical one!  Perhaps I need to wait until the absolute last minute to begin, so the beauty is before me when I start the paint?  This day, I really just wanted to spend a little time with my favorite pen and ink, bask in the peaceful sounds of country life, and become one with my surroundings.  Such a good reset on a stressful day.  Painting number 3296 in 3296 days, and day 10 #stradaeasel challenge.   I think the #win_winter2022 challenge ended yesterday, which is the week long winter plein air challenge.  I hope to paint outside every day this winter! 

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