Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Portrait Study in Black and White

On a weekend full of portrait study, it is so fun to try different colors and techniques!  Here I laid down the planes with ivory black and titanium white, adding the tiniest bit of ultramarine blue.  I arrived with my plein air set up, but am now wishing I had a few more soft brushes.  I use a lot of heavy duty workhorse brushes (Princeton Catalysts) in the field for my daily work, and only had a couple of Rosemary brushes in this box.  A softer, lighter brush is better for blending where desired. I find that I like leaving plenty of brushwork and strong strokes untouched.  This portrait journey is going to be SO FUN!  Painting number 2876 in 2876 days. 


  1. Your art is amazingly beautiful Tammy!
    What a beautiful portrait in black and white...wonderful piece!

    1. Thanks! I'm having so much fun studying portraiture!

  2. Thanks! Love working in black and white! ❤